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Budget Notifications keep project leads informed about which projects need attention. This article will answer your commonly asked questions about this feature.

  • I’d like other staffers to receive these notifications. Is that possible?
    Staffers who aren’t part of the “everyone” user right group can be cc'd on all Budget Status Notifications. Click Edit Notifications under Budget Status Notifications, found on your Notification Settings window. Then, click on the red triangle, under Notification Type, and a picklist will populate. This is where you can make your selections.
  • Where will I see budget notifications?
    You’ll get these notifications in your BigTime inbox. Or you can enable notifications to be sent to their email and/or Slack. 
  • Who can set up budget notifications?
    System administrators can set up these notifications.
  • Can I customize my budget notifications?
    Yes, system admins determine the notification percentages (ie, 50%, 75%, and 100% as seen in the image below). They can also modify the notification message itself.
  • How are the budget notifications determined?
    The notifications are project-level. The percentages are determined by the time and expenses logged against the task.
  • Do I have to set up all three levels of alerts?
    No, system admins can choose to set up to three levels of alerts.
  • Will budget notifications work for previously entered tasks? 
    Yes, budget notifications will work for tasks that were set up before the notifications were set.
  • Will I get a notification for each task or will it be grouped?
    You’ll get one notification with an update on all tasks that are currently at the blue, yellow, or red level.

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