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Linking Tasks to Your Accounting System


If your firm has integrated BigTime with Quickbooks, then you can easily link tasks to Quickbooks items and default classes imported into our system. This will create an automatic relationship to these fields each time transaction data against that particular task is posted to Quickbooks. Read the QuickBooks configuration guide, and then use the process below to link your tasks to Quickbooks items.

Linking Tasks to Quickbooks: Step By Step

  1. Open a task record and navigate to the Accounting tab. Once your firm has established a successful Quickbooks connection, this tab will be available to you on your task records.
  2. Select the Quickbooks link. From the Accounting tab, use the picklist to select a Quickbooks item for linking.
  3. Set the default class. You can also select a default class from the Default Class menu.
  4. Click SAVE when you’re finished with linking.


  • How do invoice line items become linked to service items when posting invoices to QuickBooks? If this link hasn’t already been established from the task record, you can set this link by choosing an item from the Item/Budget picklist on the Quickbooks Detail screen. See Posting Invoices to Quickbooks to see where this link is made.
  • I’ve generated an invoice subtotaled by task, but the service item links are not showing. Why is that? Service item links apply only after a connection to a service item has been established from the Accounting tab of a task. If you make this link after drafting an invoice, this link will not be applied retroactively. 
  • If both the labor code and task are linked to specific Quickbooks service items on a timesheet entry, which service item is applied when time is submitted? In BigTime, a task’s service item link will always take precedence over the labor code. In this case, the service item linked to the task will be applied over the item associated with the labor code.
  • Can I link multiple tasks to the same service item? Yes, more than one task can be associated with the same service item.
  • If I have users entering expenses against expense type and task, which account type gets applied when posting expenses to QuickBooks? When you post expenses to Quickbooks, we will always use the expense type link set from My Company...Field Values.


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