Intro to Recurring Tasks

Billing Against Recurring Tasks


We mentioned in Intro to Recurring Tasks that recurring tasks really serve the purpose of managing due dates on work that happens regularly and might not have a fixed end date. We also mentioned that budgeting is not something that can be done at an occurrence level for recurring tasks. Instead, all of this data is tied to the series master.

Here’s an overview of how to bill against recurring tasks, understanding that hours, expenses, and invoicing history live at the series master level.

Adding a Budget to Recurring Tasks

After you create a recurring task, you can edit the series master to add budget information on the Budget/Timelines tab.

This budget will appear at each occurrence level as well, but any time and expenses logged against the recurring task will be applied against the budget at the series master level and not each individual occurrence.

Entering Time and Expenses Against Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks, just like one-time tasks, can have time and expenses logged against them. They will appear in picklists on the timesheet and expense entry forms in just the same way as one-time tasks. There is no differentiation.

For convenience, staffers can even log time against a recurring task directly from the Task Dashboard.

Even if a staffer logs time against an occurrence on the Task Dashboard, those hours (along with any submitted expenses) will roll up and be applied to the series master and not an individual occurrence.

Invoicing by Recurring Task

Invoicing against recurring tasks works in the same way as invoicing by task: it requires subtotaling by task on time and materials (T&M) invoices or by using percent complete billing on fixed-fee invoices.

To view invoicing history on a recurring task, go to the Tasks tab of a project record from MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST.

To view billings against the project, selecting TASK BILLINGS TO DATE from the Basic Task Information drop-down menu.

You can also report on billing history against recurring tasks from the Report Center. See these resources for invoicing and reporting help:

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