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Auto-Renewing Recurring Tasks


Some recurring tasks have no fixed end date. To help you with ongoing tracking of this work, BigTime offers an auto-renew feature for these recurrences. You can set recurring tasks to auto-renew when you create them in the system, and you can also set a renewal schedule after creating those tasks.

Extend Recurring Tasks When Creating Them

You can choose to automatically extend a recurring task upon creating it in the system.

  1. Navigate to your Task Dashboard from WORKFLOW...TASK DASHBOARD in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the down arrow from the ADD TASK button. Select ADD RECURRING from the drop-down menu.
  3. Make a selection under “Extend This Task Automatically?” After filling in the required details for the recurring task, as specified in Creating Recurring Tasks, select an extension option from this drop-down menu. Click SAVE to create your task and set it to automatically renew after the series end date.


TIP: Auto-Renew Options Vary Based on Occurrence Frequency

The options available from the “Extend This Task Automatically?” drop-down menu vary according to the occurrence frequency you set for a recurring task. Recurring tasks on a daily and weekly schedule can be extended for one quarter. These options expand—from one quarter to two years after the initial end date—depending on whether you choose a task to recur monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Edit the Series Master to Auto-Renew Recurring Tasks

You can also extend a recurring task after you’ve created it, by editing the series master. To get to the series master record, open an occurrence from the Task Dashboard.

Once inside the occurrence record, click the EDIT SERIES button to open the series master record.

This will open up the Budget/Timelines tab of the series master, which holds the start date, end date, and frequency information you input when creating the recurring task. To set the extension schedule, choose an option from the drop-down menu underneath “Extend This Task Automatically?”

Click UPDATE SERIES to apply that change, and confirm that this is a change you want to make to all occurrences by clicking YES.

Viewing Auto-Renewed Recurring Tasks

If you’ve set a recurring task to automatically renew, this will happen once the last occurrence is archived.

For details on archiving tasks, updating statuses, or using the Bulk Options menu to update statues on tasks, refer to these other articles:

You can confirm that this renewal is successful by opening the next occurrence, which is the first occurrence in the renewed series. The due date will pick up from the previous occurrence date. The last occurrence date and remaining occurrences will also match the schedule set on the series master record.

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