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Creating Subtasks on Your Task Dashboard


When entering tasks into your Task Dashboard and establishing your workflow, your firm might find that some tasks are multidimensional and require a deeper level of tracking and reporting. For example, you may have deliverables with various components to track. For this purpose, BigTime offers the ability to group items as subtasks of a task group. With this option, you can assign budgets and estimates to specific items of a task group, and monitor progress for the task group as a whole throughout the reporting and invoicing processes.

Creating a Subtask

  1. Click WORKFLOW...TASK DASHBOARD in the menu bar. This will take you to your Task Dashboard.
  2. Click the ADD PROJECT button in the upper left corner of the screen. Doing so will open the Add New Task screen.
  3. Select the hyperlink that reads ENTER GROUP+SUBTASK. On the Add New Task screen, look for this text to make the task group and task name fields available.
  4. Enter a task group and task name. Task groups are unique to each project. Once you’ve established task groups, you can click into the task group field and hit the down arrow on your keyboard to view and make a selection from all of the task groups that have been created. Alternatively, you can enter in a new value by simply typing it in. You will also need to select the project this subtask belongs to in order to save it.
  5. Click ADD to save this new subtask. You can also use the drop-down arrow to select an option to aid you in quickly entering a number of subtasks at once.

How Task Groups are Displayed

Task Groups on the Task Dashboard

On the Task Dashboard, underneath a given project with task grouping, your project will appear in green, followed by the tasks within a certain group appearing underneath that project.

Subtasks within a particular task group are then identifiable because they are followed by a gray total line, displaying the overall estimate for that task group and task group name.

Task Groups in Picklists

Wherever picklists are available to you across BigTime, for example in time/expense entry areas, you will see task grouping displayed in a similar way to how it appears on the Task Dashboard. Task group names are in green and corresponding subtasks will appear nested underneath the task group name.

Benefits of Grouping Tasks in BigTime

Establishing Budgets

Task grouping allows for another level of budgeting with estimates for subtasks. You can set estimates for subtasks just as you would for any task: click into the subtask, select the BUDGET/DATES tab, and add any budget information.

Refer to Creating Project Budgets by Task for details on establishing estimates for tasks, and how this impacts the overall project budget.

Displaying Progress Detail on Invoices

If your firm allows users to track time and expenses against tasks, this feature provides another dimension of detail on invoices. You can display information about task groups, budgets, and budget progress with varying levels of detail. It is up to you whether you would prefer to display just a flat view with the task group full name (for example, "Marketing: Vehicle Model A") or a hierarchical view detail with each task group and corresponding subtasks nested underneath.

See Adding Billing Progress to Your Print Invoice and Customizing Time/Expense Details on Print Invoices for details on customizing the way task grouping information is displayed. For an overview on invoice customization, visit Customizing Invoice PDF Output.

Tracking Task Group Progress with BigTime Reports

One considerable benefit of creating tasks in BigTime is the ability to track task progress with the use of task-related reports. With the added level of detail provided by task groups, you can choose to include and display task progress by task group, either in a full-name format ("Task Group: Task Name") or by the task group name. See Reporting on Tasks for details.


  • Can I create task groups from the project view? Yes. If you prefer to create task grouping from the project list, you can do so by selecting the project from MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST. Once you’ve opened the project profile, navigate to the TASKS tab and look for the ADD NEW TASK button.
  • Why can’t I see task groups on my Task Dashboard? Make sure to select the BY TASK option from the grouping level picklist menu. 

  • Why is there no option to select tasks from my timesheet or expense entry pages? Your system administrator must enable tasks to be displayed on both the timesheet and expense detail entry forms. System administrators can refer to Customizing Your Timesheet and Customizing Expense Entry for instructions on how to do this. Once tasks are enabled, you will be able to select specific tasks from a task group when logging time or expenses.
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