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Assign Tasks in the Task Editor


The Task Editor is one way to assign tasks, or units of work, to staffers. The other way is to assign tasks in the Task Dashboard. This article explains how to assign tasks and subtasks to staffers in the Task Editor.

Note: Instead of “tasks,” your firm may refer to these units of work as “budget items,” “phases,” “work items,” or “engagements.” It’s easy to update the lexicon settings in BigTime so that the verbiage is firm-relevant.

First, let’s get to the Task Editor for a specific project. If you’re new to the Task Editor, reference the steps in this article to learn how to access it.

In the Task Editor, you can:

  • Add staff assignments to new tasks or subtasks,
  • Add staff assignments to existing tasks or subtasks, and
  • Re-assign staffers multiple tasks and/or subtasks.

Add Assignments to New Tasks and Subtasks

You can easily add assignments to new tasks and subtasks. We’ll explain how to do both in the section that follows.

Assigning New Tasks

First, we’ll explain how to add assignments to newly created tasks.

In your Task Editor, type your new task in an open text box. Then, navigate to the Assignment column, located on the far-right of the Task Editor window.

In the image below, “Website Updates” is our task. We’ll add the task assignment in the same cell row under the Assignment column.

Click on the red triangle and a picklist will populate.

Click the box next to the staffer(s) you want to add to the task. When you’re finished with your selection, click outside of the picklist and the selected staffers will be added to the task.

Remember to save your work by clicking Save near the bottom of the Task Editor window.

Assigning New Subtasks

You can also add assignments to the subtasks you create in the Task Editor.

When you create a subtask in the Task Editor, the details from the task are automatically applied to the new subtask—including your assignments. In the image below, the assignments originally for the “Website Updates” task are automatically applied to our new subtask, “Design homepage.”

However, it’s easy to update the subtask assignments. If you want to remove a staffer from a subtask, click on the “x” next to the staffer’s name.

Or if you want to add a staffer to a subtask, click on the red triangle under the Assignment column and a picklist will populate. Then, select the staffer(s) you want to apply. Remember to click Save to save your work.

TIP: Use Hotkeys

Use hotkeys for easy navigation within the Task Editor. Click here for a list of combinations you can use.

Bulk Actions: Re-Assign Tasks or Subtasks

The Task Editor has a Bulk Actions feature that allows you to make multiple changes to tasks or subtasks at once. Follow the steps below to learn how to reassign one or more tasks or subtasks.

  1. Click Bulk Actions near the end of the Task Editor window.

    This will add checkboxes next to each task and subtask listed in your Task Editor.

  2. Check the boxes for the subtasks that you want to re-assign and click Reassign. This will cause a new window to pop up.

  3. Select the staffers who you want to reassign the subtasks to in the window that pops up.

  4. Click Reassign to reassign the subtasks. 

    Click here to learn about all of the Bulk Action features.


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