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Task Editor FAQ

  • Is the task editor the only way to add tasks in BigTime?
    No, you can still use the task dashboard to enter and view tasks.
  • I already have tasks added to projects. Do I have to re-enter all of this information into the task editor?
    No. BigTime automatically applied your tasks and related information, such as due date and assigned staffers, to the task editor. However, you can edit this information, if you choose, and add subtasks.
  • Who can use the task editor?
    The task editor is used by system admins and any other personnel with management rights.
  • The task editor uses hotkeys. What does this mean? And what are some examples of hotkeys I can use with the task editor?
    The task editor uses hotkeys, which means a single key or combination of keys gives speedy access to the task editor’s functions. Click here to learn more about the hotkeys.
  • How do I edit my Recurring Tasks?
    Recurring tasks in the task editor aren’t able to be modified, but you can edit your recurring series. Learn more about recurring tasks here.

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