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How to Copy Tasks in the Task Editor


Oftentimes projects have the same tasks. The tasks to build a website, for example, will probably be similar across projects. In this situation, consider copying tasks instead of re-entering them. Doing so can save you time and prevent data entry errors. In just a few mouse clicks, you can have tasks from project A in project B.

This article will show you how to copy tasks in the Task Editor. Follow the steps below.

We just started a new project for R&R Associates to build a website. We’re going to copy tasks from an existing project, Simon Koons and Associates, to this new one.

  1. Click My Company...Project list from your navigation bar.

  2. Select a project from your Project List. We’ll select R&R Associates.

    NOTE: Get to your project quickly by typing the project name, or part of the project name, into the search box as we did in the image above.
  3. Click Tasks on the Project Dashboard for this project, and then click Editor.

  4. Click on the white triangle next to Add Task, which is located near the bottom-left of your window.

    A picklist will populate, and you want to select Copy.

    This action will cause a new window will pop up that’ll allow you to copy a task list from another project.

  5. Click on the red triangle and a picklist will populate. Select the project that you’d like to copy tasks from.

  6. Click Ok.

    Now you can see that the tasks from the “build website” project for Simon Kerns have populated for the “build website” project for R&R Associates.

    Easily customize these tasks to fit the needs of the new project. For example, we may add or remove hours or staffers. The important point is this: we didn’t have to re-enter all of these task details. Now we can just make the necessary tweaks in the Task Editor.

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