Creating Custom Reports

Use the Publication Settings when Creating Reports


You’ve got options when you publish your reports. For example, you decide the name of your report and where it should be placed. This article will explain your publication settings: where to find them and how to use them. 

To get to these settings, we need to create a report. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Click Reports...Report Center from your navigation bar.
  2. Create a report. For the purposes of this article, we’ll create a Task Lists report by clicking on the Task Lists tile, and then clicking the hyperlink view report. 
  3. Customize and edit the report as you wish. When finished, you’ll be ready to select where you want to place the report.
  4. Click Create Report to create the report, and select its location. 
  5. Make your selections on the Publications Settings window that pops up. We’ll explain what you need to know next.

    Your window will look like the image above, with pre-populated text. However, now is your chance to edit this information. 

    Title - Customize the title of your report by typing into the text box.

    Publish To - Select the category where you’d like your report to be published on your Report Center. For example, we’re creating a task-related report. So we’ll select Task Lists from the picklist to keep all of our task-related reports together. If you don’t select a category, then BigTime will automatically place it under the category “Other.”

    Description - Update the existing description or add your own.

    Update billing/cost rates - Check the box next to the phrase update billing/cost rates each time this report is run to do just that.

    Publish report - Publish your report and have it added to the category you selected.

    Find your published reports on your Report Center (Reports...Report Center) window.

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