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Report on Timesheet Summary by Date Range


Use our pre-built “Timesheet Summary by Date Range” report to see where staffers are spending their time, and how much of that time is billable. This article will explain how to access this report and why it’s useful. We’ll also explain several ways you can customize it in order to get the specific details you're after.

First, let’s find the report.

Click Reports...Report Center.

Click on the Time Tracking tile.

Click on the hyperlink, View Report, under the header Timesheet Summary by Date Range.

Your window will look like this:


Why Timesheet Summary Reports Matter

This report tells you how and where you're spending your resources. See where staffers spend their time and how much of that time is billable (see the Input and Billable columns in the image above). You can also see your overall totals, at the end of the report. It’s also helpful to see who’s logging hours to which projects.

Change the organization of this report by clicking on one of the column headers. For example, we clicked on Project so the report is organized by project (see image below).

Customize your Timesheet Summary Report

You can also customize this report to get more detail. Here’s what you need to know:

Click Edit report settings to customize the date range for the report.

A new window will pop up and you can select the dates you want to report on.

Click on the magnifying glass to search for someone or something in particular.

The results will populate in green. Use the arrows next to the search box (top-right corner) to navigate among your search results, or click the small “x” to return to the report.

Add filters to your report columns by clicking on the triangle surrounded by a box.

Click on a filter and a small window will pop up for you to select who or what you want to filter the column by. In the image below, we’re filtering our column by two staffers, Jason and Ann.

Export the report to another format—PDF, Excel, or Word—by clicking on Export, and making your selection.

Customize the report by clicking Customize, which will cause a small picklist to populate.

This is what you need to know about your options:

  • Customize enables you to tailor the report to fit your needs, like adding or removing columns. Read more about creating custom reports.
  • Create a Copy means you can make a copy of the existing report.
  • Report Permissions allows you to determine which security groups you want to share this report with. Only staffers within the security groups you select can see the report.

Where to go from here:

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