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The Staff List View


You’ll frequently access your Staff List to view and add staffers in BigTime. The Staff List is where you can get high-level information about your staffers, like email address and department, or drill down and get specific details about an individual staffer.  

This article provides an overview of the Staff List window and highlights several features that you may find beneficial. You’ll learn how to:

  • Access your Staff List and add staffers to BigTime.
  • Use the Staff List toolbar.
  • Access staffer details.

Access the Staff List and Add Staffers

Click My Company...Staff List to access your list of staffers.  


Now you’ll see all of your staffers. To add a new staffer, click +Add Staff near the top-left corner of your window.


A new window will pop up and you can add details about your staffer, like name and email address. Then, click on the white triangle and select Add from the picklist to add the staffer to your list. Or click Add + Invite to invite them to BigTime.


Use the Staff List Toolbar

Use the Staff List toolbar to customize your view. You can:

  • Search for staffers.
  • Include inactive staffers to your list of staffers.
  • Add filters to columns.
  • Add, remove, or re-arrange columns.
  • Export your information.

We’ll explain each feature next.

Search within the Staff List

Instead of scrolling through all of your staffers, start typing into the search field (next to +Add Staff) and BigTime will generate the results.

View Inactive Staffers

A staffer is marked inactive for many reasons, such as employment termination, parental leave, or sabbatical. An inactive staffer means the staffer won’t appear in the Staff List, but BigTime saves the history associated with the staffer.

To see all of your inactive staffers, check the dialog box next to the phrase “Include Inactive.”


Add Filters 

Click on the triangle surrounded by a box, located near the top-right of your Staff List, to add a filter to each column.

Then, use the filters to search within that column. Click on the black triangle in one of your columns and a picklist will appear, as shown below. Check the relevant dialog boxes and click Apply. BigTime will narrow your list to include the values you've selected.

Note: Remove filters from your columns by re-clicking the triangle surrounded by a box (near the top-right of your Staff List).


Add, Remove, or Re-Arrange Columns

Click on the Gear Icon, near the top-right of your Staff List window, to add and/or remove columns.

After you click on the gear icon, a picklist will appear. Here's what you can do:

  • Re-arrange the columns. Click on the intersecting arrows and drag and drop the category to appear as you’d like it to.

  • Add or remove columns. Scroll past the “Selected Fields” section in the picklist and you’ll see a list of unchecked dialog boxes. Add more columns by clicking the boxes next to the respective category. Then, click Apply to include your selections to your Staff List.

    Remove existing columns by unchecking boxes under “Selected Fields.” Then, click Apply to save your change(s).
  • Restore your view to the default view by clicking Reset.

Export Your Staffer Information

Click Export to export your Staff List information as a PDF or Excel file.

Tip: Expand your view

Increase your Staff List view by clicking the green box with two arrows, located in the corner of your window. Re-click on the same box to restore the Staff List view to the smaller view.

See Staffer Details

All of your staffers are hyperlinked on the left-side of your Staff List window. Click on a hyperlink and you’ll be taken to the Staff Dashboard for a specific staffer.


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