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Merge a Staffer with Another Staffer


Merging a staffer with another staffer simply merges data from one staffer to another. You may want to merge a staffer if there’s a duplicate record, similar to why you’d merge projects and tasks. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Click My Company...Staff List from your navigation bar. This will take you to your Staff List, where you can find the staffer you’d like to merge.

  2. Click on a staffer’s name. This will take you to the Basic Info tab on the Staff Dashboard, which is where you want to be.

  3. Click on the white triangle next to Delete Staffer, located near the bottom-left of your window, and click Merge Staffer.

    A new window will populate, asking you to pick a staffer to merge to. Click on the red triangle, select a staffer from the picklist, and click Merge Staffer. So in our example, we’re merging Paul McHenry with Sue Smith.

    Keep in mind that merging a staffer with another staffer is a permanent action. A small popup will appear, reminding you of that.

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