Assign an Activity to a Staffer

Add an Activity to a Staffer’s Dashboard


Do you need your staffer, Jay, to send a follow-up email to your client? Does Karen need to set up a meeting about the project proposal?

You can easily add activities, such as these, to your staffers in BigTime. This article will show you how. 

  1. Click My Company...Staff List from your navigation bar.
  2. Click on a staffer’s name.
  3. Click on the Activity tile, which will direct you to the Activity Dashboard for this staffer. This is where you’ll add an activity.
  4. Click Add Activity.

    A new window will pop up, which is where you want to enter the activity details. 

    Click Add to add the activity. 

    Then, this newly added activity will populate on the staffer’s Activity Dashboard, as shown below. 

    After adding an activity, that staffer will be notified they have an activity to complete. This will appear in their notification inbox and will provide all of the details of that activity.

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