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Adding New Users To BigTime


This article will show you how to invite new users to BigTime.


Invite new users to BigTime from the Staff List.

Send an invite, by clicking the Invite hyperlink on the Staff Dashboard, and a user will receive an email with next steps.

Resend the invite, if the user doesn’t receive it.

Follow these steps to add new users to BigTime from your Staff List.

  1. Navigate to your Staff List by clicking My Company...Staff List.

  2. Click on the name of a staffer, hyperlinked on the left-side of your Staff List. Easily see which staffers aren’t invited to BigTime under the Account Status column.

  3. Click on the hyperlink Email Invite, located on the right-side of the Basic Info tab on the Staff Dashboard.

Once you invite your staffer, their account status will be "pending" until they accept their email invite. After the staffer clicks on the link in the invitation, he can set up his BigTime password and start using the system.

Note: You can resend an invite by repeating the steps above.

TIP: Adding and Inviting a New Staffer to BigTime

If you’d like to add a new staffer to your Staff List, click on +Add Staff (located near the top-left of your window). A new window will pop up with details you can add about that staffer. Click on the white triangle next to Add and a picklist will generate with two options:

  • Click Add to add the staffer to your Staff List.
  • Click Add+Invite to add the staffer and send an email invitation.

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