Customize Your Cost Rates

Custom Bill Rates by Project Role


Custom bills rates can be assigned to a project role, such as “project manager” or “team lead.” That means, any staffer assigned to that role will use the custom role rate, which prevents having to create a custom rate for each staffer. It’ll also help with fee projections when allocating hours by role by allowing for a more accurate fee projection. This article will show you how to add custom bill rates by project role.

  1. Click My Company...Project List from your navigation bar.

  2. Click on a project from your Project List.

  3. Click Rates on your Project Dashboard.

  4. Click Bill Rates.

  5. Click Add Rate, located under the header Custom Billing Rates.

  6. Click on the red triangle under the header Staff Member/Role.

    A picklist will populate, and you’ll see all of your available project roles.

  7. Add any additional information for this bill rate, and then click Save to save your work.

    NOTE: Be sure to assign the staffer to the Project Team and Team Role in order for the rate to apply.

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