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Copy Custom Cost Rates from Another Project


You’ve created custom cost rates for one project. Now copy these rates to another. This feature is ideal to use when the same staffers are assigned to both projects because it’ll save you time: only enter the custom cost rates once. This article will show you how.

Custom cost rates are the “exception” to the cost rate “rule.” Jason’s cost rate is $75, but his custom cost rate is $100, when he logs time to the “website design” task and $120 when he logs time to the “write report” task. These custom rates override the cost rate you set up.

NOTE: This article assumes that you’ve set up custom cost rates for at least one project.

Ben and Jason have custom cost rates for our Putman Associates project. Now we want to copy those rates to another project, MMM Media. Here’s what we’ll do.

  1. Click My Company...Project List from your navigation bar.

  2. Click on a project. To keep with our example from above, we’ll select MMM Media.

  3. Click on the Rates tab.

  4. Click Cost Rates.

  5. Click Copy.

  6. Click on the red triangle on the new window that pops up, and select the project that you’d like to copy the custom rates from.

    Recall that we want to copy the rates from Putman Associates to our current project, MMM Media. So we’ll select Putman Associates from the picklist.

  7. Click Copy Rates to do just that. Now the custom rates from Putman Associates have populated into our MMM Media project.

  8. Click Save to save your work.


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