How to Set Up Vendor Bills for Time

Create a Vendor Bill for Time


You’ve activated and set up the vendor bill feature. Now you’re ready to create a vendor bill. This article will walk you through the process. 

Nothing changes from the staffers point of view when logging time into their timesheet: staffers will enter and submit their time as usual. The review and approval process will also work the same way.

As soon as Kara submits her hours it will go through the typical approval process and immediately be available to begin creating a Bill.

Now let’s create a bill for Kara’s time. 

Click QuickBooks...Create Vendor Bills from your navigation bar.

You’ll be directed to the Vendor Bill Dashboard.

  1. Click on the left-most tile: Unposted Vendor Time

    This will take you to the Vendor Bill Dashboard, where you can see the staffers who’ve submitted hours that need to be placed into a vendor bill.

    Your screen will look like this:

  2. Check the box next to the staffer’s name for whom you want to create a vendor bill for. 

    Note that you can create multiple vendor invoices at once by checking multiple boxes.

  3. Click the Create Selected Bills button. Or, if you’re bulk creating bills, then you’ll click Bulk Create Bills.

    If you’re creating a single bill, then you’ll be directed to the Vendor Bill Detail Screen, as shown below.

    The bill is created and summarized based on the settings applied in the integration settings. 

    Make any necessary changes, then click Post Bill.

    But say you don’t want to post the bill yet. Just click Cancel. The vendor bill will be saved as a draft, which you can see on the Vendor Bill Dashboard by clicking on the Drafts tile.

    Then, when ready, you can click into the Drafts tile and post your vendor bill(s) from this tile.

    Once you post a bill, it’ll be added to the Posted Bills tile on your Vendor Bills Dashboard.

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