Customizing Your Timesheet

Rounding Time


Time-entry rounding is another aspect of timekeeping that system admins can customize. You can use entry rounding to tailor to and match the way you bill. Learn about how to use and adjust this setting for your firm.

Selecting an Entry-Rounding Option

From the timesheet settings area, use the down arrow on the Entry Rounding picklist to reveal options for time-entry rounding. The default setting is rounding by the quarter hour—or the nearest fifteen minutes.

To apply your selection, make sure to click the UPDATE TIMESHEET FORMAT button at the top left of the setup page.

TIP: Turning Off Entry Rounding

There is an option to turn off time rounding from the Entry Rounding drop-down menu.

When rounding is turned off, the system will still support 4-digit precision, meaning that time entered as “1.5556” will be converted to “1.56.” Keep in mind that careful attention should be placed on the way that this data interacts with billing rates to ensure there are no problems when issuing invoices.

Entry Rounding in Action

Your staffers will see your rounding selection in action when they enter and save time entries on their timesheets. This means that hours can be added in this way:

However after clicking SAVE, the entry will be converted based on the rounding you selected—in this case to the nearest fifteen minutes.

The same thing applies when using a timer in the system. Though time captured might resemble something like this:

When it is saved to the timesheet, entry rounding will take effect, as pictured below.

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