Customizing Your Timesheet

Get Started with Weekly and Daily View in Timesheets


Have your timesheets the way you want them by choosing between a weekly or daily view and add detail fields. 

This article will summarize some of your customization options, and it’ll direct you to specific articles on each topic. 

Weekly vs Daily View

Users can view their timesheets in two different ways: in a weekly or daily view.

When users are invited to log time, their default timesheet is a weekly view similar to the one shown below. 

But they may prefer the Daily view.

Instead of seeing a row of hours in your timesheet, with an entry for each project, the daily view allows you to see all of your entries in a list view, like the one shown above. 

You can click on any of these entries to review or edit that time and you can copy entries from day to day or week to week as needed.  

Detail Fields

You can require staffers to add certain details to their timesheets, like notes, add a budget category ID, or payroll item, with detail fields

BigTime administrators can edit timesheet columns and detail fields, such as :

*Adding and removing detail fields and columns

*Adding the project column*Rename or recorder columns and/or fields

*Make columns or fields required

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