Customizing Your Timesheet

Editing Timesheet Submission Settings


In addition to editing columns and detail fields, system administrators can also adjust the timesheet submission period and start date from the timesheet customization area in BigTime. 

Customizing the Submission Period

Submission period refers to the time period for timesheet submissions. This is often set in conjunction with a payroll schedule.

Once you’ve arrived at the timesheet customization settings area, you have the option of setting the submission period to weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly from a drop-down menu.

This choice will determine the way that staffers’ hours are grouped together when they’re submitted for review and approval. For example, if you set a submission period to bi-weekly, from the timesheet review/approval area of the system, you will see staffers’ hours grouped into bi-weekly increments, as pictured below.

Adjusting the Weekly Start Date

You can also customize the start of the submission period from the First Weekday drop-down menu, to the left of the Submission Period picklist. You can set any day of the week as the first day of the submission period from this menu.


This choice will be reflected both in the Weekly View and Daily View timesheet. If a start date is set to Wednesday, for example, the timesheet will reflect this as the beginning of a given week.


TIP: Click "Update Timesheet Format"

To apply any changes to the start date and submission period, make sure to click the UPDATE TIMESHEET FORMAT button at the top left of the screen.

Example Image

Benefits of Setting Submission Periods

There are some potential benefits of setting and experimenting with timesheet submission periods.

One might be to mirror your firm’s accounting system, which could be used to assist with invoicing. It could also help set or match the scheduling standard for invoicing.

Additionally, you might find that locking time entry beyond the submission period you set for your firm can help prevent billing mishaps with staffers adding time after a bill has been submitted.

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