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Activating Timesheet Lock Date


System or financial administrators can activate the setting for locking time entry by timesheet period. See below for the step-by-step process for enabling this feature. 

Lock Timesheet Periods: Step By Step

  1. Navigate to Time/Expenses...Timesheets. From the timesheet Weekly View, click the gear icon on the upper right side of the screen.
  2. Check the box next to "Lock Each Timesheet Period." This will reveal two additional fields: Grace Period and Lock Time Entry Date. Click the "i" icons next to them for detailed explanations.
  3. Enter in a grace period value. The more grace you give users, the more time they have to enter time to their timesheets. Zero is also an accepted value.
  4. Click Update Timesheet Format to apply your changes. The settings for timesheet locking are enabled instantly. You can always turn off this feature by un-checking the box next to “Lock Each Time Period.”


  • How does the lock time entry date calculate?
    You’ll notice that Lock Time Entry date is actually a non-editable field. This field auto calculates with a few fields that you’ve set up in other sections.

    The system starts by looking at today’s date and then  subtracts the value of Grace period which becomes your new date. This "new date" value becomes the point of reference which we evaluate against your timesheet period settings and week start day. Once the system determines what period this date falls in, we take the start day of that period and lock all time before that date.
  • What is a timesheet period?Your timesheet period is set within your timesheet settings area and is the way hours are grouped together when a user submits time. It typically correlates with your payroll schedule.
  • I am trying to enter time for a past date beyond the Time Entry Lock date. How do I get my time submitted?Contact your Financial Administrator or direct manager to request that they submit time on your behalf or temporarily disable the timesheet lock date.
  • When does the system update the lock date?Once this setting is enabled, the lock date will update itself at the close of each period when anyone in the firm submits time.
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