Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add a time entry for a day that is not the active/current day?
    You can edit your timesheet (from both the web and mobile app) to include an entry for a prior day—but not a future date—and you will be asked to explain the reason for this change in your audit log notes. These will be visible to your manager after you sign and submit your timesheet.
  • Why can’t I add a time entry for a day in the previous week?
    If your system administrator has locked time entry by timesheet period, you will not be able to add entries beyond that lock date.
  • I need to edit a time entry I’ve already submitted. Is that possible?
    No, unfortunately not. Once you sign and submit your timesheet for approval, those submitted entries will be locked and unavailable for editing. Only system administrators can make these changes. See DCAA Timesheet Review/Approval for details.
  • Can I use the BigTime mobile Android app for DCAA timekeeping and audit logging?
    At this time, DCAA timekeeping features are available only on the BigTime mobile app for iPhone. DCAA timekeeping and audit logging availability on the BigTime Android app is in the works. Please stay tuned to our blog and subscribe to our mailing list for updates.
  • Is it possible to add to my timesheet in the mobile app even if I’m offline or have limited connectivity?
    Absolutely. Once your device is back online, BigTime will sync the data and it will be visible from the web app and available to submit.
  • Am I able to set a reminder for my staffers to enter time daily by a certain hour?
    There isn’t currently a feature for automating these sorts of daily notifications in the system, but our integration with Zapier could help automate this process. Learn more about BigTime’s integration with Zapier, here.
  • Can BigTime provide a list of DCAA compliance requirements for my firm?
    The features we offer in BigTime IQ Pro aim to help your firm with DCAA timekeeping and audit compliance. For specific questions on compliance rules and regulations, however, we recommend confirming those with a DCAA-certified consultant.


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