Vendor Expenses and Other Expense Types

Get Started with Vendor Expenses


Vendor expenses are expenses associated with a project and submitted as a bill from a vendor. For example, say you have an engineering company. You’re working on a project that’ll use a specific type of concrete. You want a third party to advise you before you use it. The third-party will send you a bill, which you’ll log as a vendor expense in BigTime.

Vendor expenses give you the means to log third party expenses without relying on your accounting system to enter the vendor bill. Simply choose the vendor expense option when you’re ready to submit this expense. You can submit vendor expenses alongside your other expenses.  

This article will get you up and running with vendor expenses. You’ll learn how to enable the vendor expense user right and activate this feature in BigTime. 

Activate the Vendor Expense Feature

By default, the vendor expenses feature is turned off. Follow the steps below to activate it.

  1. Click My Company...My Company from your navigation bar.
  2. Click on Active Features.
  3. Click the On tab next to Vendor Expense Entry.
  4. Click Save to save your work.

 Activate the Vendor Expense User Right

Follow the steps below to activate the vendor expense user right. This will allow you to create and submit vendor expenses.

  1. Click My Company...User Rights from your navigation bar.
  2. Select a Security Group.
  3. Click the On tab next to the user right, Allow user to log vender expenses.
  4. Click save to save your changes.


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