Entering Expenses in BigTime

Customize Your Post Expenses Window


This article explains how to access and customize your Post Expenses window, which is where you go when you’re ready to post expenses to QuickBooks.

To access Post Expenses, click QuickBooks...Post Expenses from the navigation bar.

Your window will look like this:

Let’s look at your customization options, starting on the far left of your window.

Post Selected Expenses

Use the Post Selected Expenses feature, located near the top-left corner of your window, when you’re ready to post your selected expenses. 

To post an expense, check the box next to the expense report(s) that you want to post, as shown in the image below. Then, click the red button Post Selected Expenses.

If the post process is successful, then a green check mark will appear in Post Status column. If it’s not, then a red cloud will appear. Hover over the red cloud and it’ll specify what needs done for the expenses to successfully post. Make the correction, then re-post the expense. Click here to learn more.

Show Unposted Reports

You also have the option to only see unposted expenses. Check the box next to the phrase Show Only Unposted Reports and your window will populate accordingly.

Now you can easily see all of the expenses you need to post to QuickBooks.

Note: If you choose the option to “show only unposted reports,” then all unposted reports will show regardless of the date.


Have BigTime show you all of the expense reports for a specific date range. To do this, click on the date icon near the top-right of your window. Two calendars will populate and you can select your desired date range. Click Apply to apply that date range.

Note: You can’t filter by date when you have the “show only unapproved expenses” box checked.

Gear Icon

Click on the gear icon to adjust the way that data is transferred to and from QuickBooks. A new window will pop up and you can make your changes. And remember to click Save to save your work.

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