How-To Guide

Setting Up Service Fees


A service fee is a type of non-reimbursable expense, such as a hosting fee for an IT firm or an equipment rental at a law firm. This expense doesn’t have a corresponding payable, so the staffer won’t get money back.

Staffers add service fees to BigTime to keep billing unified. Service fees are added just like a staffer reimbursable fee, but they’re not converted into a bill. In this article, we’ll show system admins how to setup service fees.

  1. Select My Company...Field Values.

  2. Select Expense Codes, and you’ll see a list of expense codes. You can create a new expense code for non-reimbursable expenses, or you may have already created a code that’ll be designated for this purpose.

  3. Click on one code from the list, and you’ll see a detail view of the code on the right side of the window.

  4. Check the last box that says “This code is a service fee."

  5. Save your work by clicking the Save button. 

Now employees can log service fee expenses in BigTime.

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