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Create and Submit a Service Fee Expense


This article will explain how to enter a service fee expense, which is a non-reimbursable expense without a corresponding payable. We’ll also explain what happens once this type of expense is submitted.

NOTE: Any staffer can enter this type of expense into BigTime, once the admin sets up a service fee value(s) for non-reimbursable expenses.

Follow the steps below to create and submit a service fee expense.

  1. Select Time/Expenses...Expenses from your navigation bar.

  2. Select Add New Expense. Doing so will populate with a form where you to enter expense details.

  3. Click on the red triangle under Expense Type, and select the expense code associated with service fees. Then, fill in the remaining expense details.

  4. Click Save to save your work.

  5. Click the hyperlink Click here to submit these expenses near the bottom of your screen.

  6. Click Submit Expenses to submit the expense. Or check the box next to Allow me to select the expenses I’d like to include to select the individual expenses you want to include.

    Service fees don’t go through the expense review and approval process, since there’s currently no way to mark a service fee as “approved.” So all submitted service fee expenses will be automatically marked with an “approved” status.

    The approved expense will immediately show up in your Project Financials. In the image below, you can see our expense was “approved” under the Status column.

    Note: A service fee expense will not appear in the expense history for the staffer that submitted that expense.

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