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FAQ Skills Matching

  • Why would I use Skills Matching?
    Skills Matching allows you to enter skills that are needed for each staffer and role in your firm. For example, a software company may need skills like data analysis, design, project management, and SQL.

    The idea is to create a list of skills that your firm needs, assign those skills to staffers, and then rate your staffers for each skill. You can do these things with Skills Matching. It’s an efficient and effective way to identify qualified staffers when creating project teams. In short, it ensures the right people are on the right projects.

  • Where do I activate permissions for Skills Matching?
    Keep in mind that you first need to activate the Skills Matching feature, before you can activate permissions. 

    Once that’s complete, you’re ready to activate permissions. To do so, click My Company...User Rights from your navigation bar.

    Click on a Security Group, followed by clicking on the Skills header.

    Now you can add the relevant permissions.

  • What’s the difference between Skills List and Staff Skills?
    Skills List refers to staffers who can access and/or modify the Skills List. This is where all of the skills for your firm will be created that can then be used to assign to your staffers. 

    Staff Skills refers to access rights for users who can view, assign, and/or modify staffer skills on the Staff Dashboard for a staffer.

  • How do I import skills in Skills Matching?
    Click My Company...Skills from your navigation bar. Here, you can upload a CSV file. 

    Click Import CSV on your Skill List to import multiple skills at once. 

    A window will pop up for you to select the file you want to import.

    Download the CSV template hyperlinked on the right side of the window to use to upload your skills into BigTime. Using the template will ensure you are filling in the necessary fields for a successful import. 

  • Can I add multiple skills to a staffer?
    Yes. Easily add multiple skills, certifications, or language to a staffer. To start, click Add Multiple Skills on the Skills Dashboard.  

    On this window, you can click on a skill under Available Skills (on the left side of the window). Each skill you click on will be added under Selected Skills (on the right side of the window). 

    Alternatively, if there are a lot of skills, you may want to search for a skill in the text box next to the person's name.

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