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Assign Skills to a Staffer Using Skills Matching


You’ve created the skills for your firm. Now you’re ready to apply one or more skills to a staffer, which you can do on the Skills Dashboard for a staffer. This article will walk you through the process. 

Follow the steps below to navigate and learn about the Skills Dashboard, which is where you’ll manage and assign the skills that you’ve created.

Skills Dashboard

Click My Company...Staff List from your navigation bar.

Select a staffer from the list.

If the Skills feature is activated and the user has the ability to view and/or modify skills, then the Skills tab will appear on the Staff Dashboard for this staffer. Click on this Skills tab.

Your Dashboard will look like the image below. This is where you manage and assign the skills that you’ve created. 

Several fields in this window automatically populate with information when you add the skill on the Skills List, such as the Category, Type, and Added columns. 

Others are configurable, such as the columns listed below.   

Skill Name - Select the name of the skill you want to add from the picklist.

Industry - Enter an industry type to further refine the skill. Industry type is configured in Field Values. Click My Company...Field Values...Industry Type to add or remove industry types.

Rating - Choose the rating level for the staffer by clicking on the stars under the Rating column; click on the trash can icon to remove the skill; and modify the expiration date (if applicable). Double click on the start to give the user a half star.

Expire date - Set an expiration date under the Expire Date column, if the skill you’re adding has an expiration date. Click into the text box to enter a date and a calendar window will populate, where you can select the date.

File - If the skill that you’ve added is a certification, then you can upload a file for that certification under the File column. You can edit an uploaded file, too. Click Edit and a window will pop up where you can upload the necessary file.

Add Multiple Skills

Easily add multiple skills, certifications, or languages to a staffer. To start, click Add Multiple Skills on the Skills Dashboard.  

On this window, you can click on a skill under Available Skills (on the left side of the window). Each skill you click on will be added under Selected Skills (on the right side of the window). 

Alternatively, if there are a lot of skills, you may want to search for a skill in the text box next to the person's name.

The results will be generated under Available Skills. Click on the skill, and it’ll be added to Selected Skills

Follow the same process to add certifications or languages, by clicking on the respective header.

Note: add a new skill from this page by clicking Add New Skill toward the top right corner of your window. The skill you add will be included in your firm’s list of skills; it’ll also appear under Available Skills (in your current window) so you can easily add it to your staffer.

Click Save Changes before clicking to a different skill-type header or before clicking back Back to Manage Skills.

Then, click the hyperlink Back to Manage Skills, once you’ve selected the skills you want to add. That way, you can add the rest of the details (covered above), like rating, expiration date, and/or upload a file. 

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