What's the Critical Path?

Show Free Slack in Your Gantt Chart


How much can you extend a task without affecting the Critical Path? Easily get this answer with free slack on your Gantt chart.

In the image below, the light-green color shows the free slack available. We have a lot of room to extend our tasks—without affecting the Critical Path. This article will explain how to show slack on your Gantt chart.

See Slack on your Gantt Chart

Click on the Show Critical Path hyperlink, near the top-left of your Gantt chart, to see the free slack available. Your Gantt chart will now look like the image above.

Affecting the Critical Path

If you overextend a task beyond the slack available, then you’ll affect your Critical Path.

As you can see in the image below, we overextended our Stage 1 subtask, which is now red, and affected our Critical Path. Free slack shows about 30% after a task end date.

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