Why Gantt Charts?

Auto-Link a New Task List in Gantt Charts


You’ve just added several tasks to a new project, and you want to link them in your Gantt chart. Save yourself some time and let BigTime do this for you. Auto-Link creates links (dependencies) between tasks, as long as there aren’t existing task links.

For example, say your Gantt chart looks like the image below. Notice, there aren’t links between the tasks.

With Auto-Link, your tasks will automatically be linked together (see image below). This article will walk you through this process.

Get to your Gantt chart for a project, and follow the steps below.

  1. Click Auto-Link, which is near the bottom-left corner of your Gantt chart.

  2. Choose Create a Grouped Plan or Create a Linear Plan.

    A “grouped plan” links together entire task groups—tasks and subtasks. A “linear plan” links each individual task or subtask. Images of what each option looks like on your Gantt chart can be found in the next step.

  3. Click Save to save your choice.

    If you chose a “grouped plan,” your Gantt chart will look like the image below.

    Whereas, the linear plan looks like the image below.

    Despite your preference, the link type is “finish to start”. That means, when one task finishes, the one it’s linked to will start. You can manually change this link type by double-clicking on the link itself. A window will pop up where you can select from more options.

    Click Save to save your choice.

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