How-To Guide

Logging into BigTime Using Google Apps


If you are already a BigTime user, you can link your BigTime account to your Google Apps login. Once the accounts are linked, you are automatically logged into BigTime whenever you are logged into Google.

  1. Click the Login with Open ID link on the BigTime login page. The link is at the bottom of the login screen.

  2. Click the Sign in with Google button. If you’re not already signed into Google, you’ll be asked to login. Enter your Google apps login credentials in the google login page to continue.

  3. If you are asked to confirm with Google, click Allow on the confirmation screen. The first time you link your BigTime and your Google accounts, Google will ask you to confirm that you want to share information with BigTime. We use your email address to determine who you are, so you'll need to grant us access so we can see that information.

  4. You’re all set.  Once BigTime and Google are connected, clicking the Sign in with Google button will automatically sign you in and forward you to your BigTime homepage.

TIP: Your BigTime and Google email addresses should match.

BigTime will assume that your BigTime email address and your Google email address are the same.  If they aren’t, BigTime will send a confirmation to your Google email.  You’ll need to click the link in that email message to complete the Open ID connection.

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