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How to Use Universal Search


Get the details you need from your BigTime environment with BigTime’s Universal Search. This feature searches the entire database to get you the clients, contacts, projects, and staffers that you need.

Click on the magnifying glass on the far-right of your navigation bar to access the Universal Search feature.

Then, enter some text into the search bar, and BigTime will search all projects, clients, contacts, and staffers that match your search.

Find a Person

Quickly find a contact, client, or staffer -- even if you don’t recall the person’s full name.

Say we want to find our staffer named Henry. We typed the name into the search box, and we got back several matches.

The results are organized by category: clients, contacts, projects, and staffers. For example, Contacts and Staff are two categories that organize our results.

The results are also hyperlinked. So we can click on a staffer’s name. 

A new tab opens that takes us to the Staff Dashboard for that staffer. 


Find a Project

Universal Search also makes it very convenient to locate a project -- and the people associated with the project.

In our example below, all of the projects associated with our query show up. Included in our results are the people associated with the project.   

Access a project or person by clicking on the respective hyperlink.

A new tab will open, directing you to the requested information.

Where to Go from Here:

The Project Dashboard 

The Project List View 

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