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How to Use Chat in BigTime


Use chat in BigTime in order to connect with a BigTime Software Support representative. It's an easy way to get a quick answer to your question. This article will explain how to use chat and how to hide it.

Use Chat

Click on the Chat icon, located in the bottom-right of your BigTime environment (see image above), to connect with a BigTime Software Support representative. Add contact details and a message in the form that pops up and click Start Chat.

NOTE: Our hours of operation are: 9AM CST to 5:30PM CST.

Hide Chat

But if you don’t want to see chat, then close it. Hover over it and a small x will appear. Click it. This will hide chat for your current BigTime session.

NOTE: You’ll have to close it each time you log into BigTime if you always want it hidden.

Bring Chat Back

Say you’ve closed chat, but an hour later you have a question. You want to bring chat back, and you can. In that case, click on the question mark icon, near the top-right of your BigTime environment. 

A picklist will appear and you’ll want to select Live Chat. 

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