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You can apply our new Vibrant mode user interface (UI) in just a few mouse clicks. You can also toggle between the two modes: Vibrant and Classic. This article will show you your options.

This article assumes that you’re currently using Classic mode. To start the process, click My Company...My Company from your navigation bar.

You’ll default into the Company Info tab, which is where you want to be. On the left sidebar, you’ll see which mode you’re currently using (Classic in this example) and an option to switch to Vibrant (in this example).

Click on Vibrant, and then click Save to save your change. This is a firm-wide change.

Then, refresh your page and the new UI will appear. 

Now, say you’re in Vibrant mode and want to revert back to Classic. You can easily do this by following the steps outlined above. But instead of clicking Vibrant, you’ll click Classic. Remember to save your change and refresh your page.

Where to Go from Here:

The Project Dashboard 

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