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Access Pending Tasks from the BigTime Dashboard


What tasks do you have pending? Get the answer immediately by clicking on the Pending Tasks tile on your BigTime Dashboard, which will direct you to your Task Dashboard. This article will show you how to access the Task Dashboard. It’ll also highlight some core features on this dashboard.

On your BigTime Dashboard, click the Pending Tasks tile. 

This will direct you to your Task Dashboard.

The top part of the dashboard will give you an at-a-glance view of your tasks: 

*Not started

*In progress

*Under review

*Admin Complete 

Click on a circle to see all of the “in progress” circle, for example.

You can drill down even further for more details by clicking on a hyperlink that populates to access the task or project, respectively. Or click on the clock to add time to the task.

Sort this window to get the information you need. Just click on the red triangle at the top of the window and select your desired option from the picklist.

It’s also worth pointing out the gray bar on the left-side of the dashboard, as you can see below. Organize this column by the category that’s most meaningful to you. For example, I have the column organized by “types” in the image below. But you can also sort by stages, due date, or assignment.

Finally, customize your dashboard by using the settings at the top of this dashboard. One icon to note is the  icon, as shown below. This icon will allow you to add or remove fields to your dashboard.

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