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You’ve got a lot of information readily available on your home dashboard when you log into BigTime. This article explains the real-time details on this dashboard and how to easily access important features, like invoices and your utilization dashboard.

NOTE: The Utilization Dashboard is a Premier-level feature. If you don’t have access to it, you’ll still see the Utilization tile but you won’t be able to access the actual feature.

Dashboard Details in Real-Time

You’ll see your dashboard each time you log into BigTime. The information is displayed in real-time. So if you approve three invoices, BigTime will automatically update the number of invoices to approve on your dashboard.

Your dashboard contains four tiles with high-level information on billability, invoicing, Utilization Dashboard, and reviews and approvals. It also contains details about your last sync with QuickBooks, the number of pending tasks, and hours logged to your timesheet. We’ll go through each feature next.

NOTE: Your dashboard view may vary depending on your industry and/or subscription level.

Dashboard Features

We’ll first go through the three, vertical boxes, which are to the left of the tiles.

QuickBooks Sync

The Last Sync box on your Dashboard tells you how long it’s been since you last synced with QuickBooks.

You can get some simple stats about your QuickBooks syncs by clicking on this box. You also have the option to disconnect from QuickBooks or update your information.

  • Disconnect means you’ll remove the cloud connection between QuickBooks and BigTime. This action won’t remove data from BigTime, but it’ll prevent BigTime from adding BigTime data to your QuickBooks account.
  • Update Now is for QuickBooks Online users. By clicking Update Now, you’ll sync data from QuickBooks Online to BigTime.

Pending Tasks

Pending Tasks is the middle box, and it tells you the current number of active tasks. If you want to make a change to a task, then you need to access the Task Editor or your Task Dashboard.

Timesheet Hours

Hours Today displays the hours logged by staffers company-wide.

Now let’s turn to the four main tiles.


Billability, located on the top-left tile, gives you a high-level look at what your firm has been billing from three different views: month, quarter, and year. Click on the respective box—MTD, QTD, or YTD—to change the view. The graph and the percentage on the right-side of the box will update depending on the view.

You can navigate to different time periods by clicking on the arrowhead by the date.


The Invoicing tile shows you invoicing details regarding your unbilled WIP (work in progress), drafted invoices, and finalized invoices.

Click on the Invoicing tile to add or edit an invoice. This will take you directly to your Invoice Overview window.

Review and Approvals

The bottom-right tile shows you if you need to review and approve invoices, hours, and/or expenses.

Click on this tile and have BigTime direct you to the client approval window, as shown below.


The bottom-left tile highlights your Utilization Dashboard details.

Toggle among the different icons and your tile will be updated accordingly. Or click on the "i" icon to be taken directly to the Utilization Dashboard.

Where to Go From Here:

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