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Cost Centers: Staff Role


Create Staff Role values in BigTime to indicate a staffer’s position (role) in your firm, such as editorial assistant or website tech.

In this article, we’ll explain how to create Staff Role values. We’ll also explain where you’ll apply these values in BigTime.

Create Staff Role Values

First, let’s access and create Staff Role values.

  1. Click My Company...Field Values.

  2. Click Cost Centers...Staff Role to create and edit values.

  3. Click Add Cost Center to add another value to the list below. To edit an existing value, just click on the value you want to edit and make your changes on the right-side of the window.

  4. Add details about the newly added value on the right-side of the window. You can include the name of the value, abbreviation, and description.

  5. Click Save+New to save your work. Doing so will also allow you to add more values, if you wish.

    Now that you’ve created Staff Role values that are relevant to your company, we’ll explain where you’d use these values in BigTime.

Access Staff Role in BigTime

Staff Role values are used to add information about your staff for expense-related reasons.

You’ll find Staff Role on the Staff Dashboard. Follow these steps to apply a Staff Role value in BigTime:

  1. Click My Company....Staff List.

  2. Select a staffer from your list of staffers on the left-side of the window. This will take you to the Staff Dashboard for an individual staffer.

  3. Find the Cost Centers header near the bottom of the Staff Dashboard, and you’ll see Staff Role directly beneath it.

  4. Click the red triangle under Staff Role. Doing so will generate a picklist with the Staff Role values you’ve created.

  5. Click Save Changes to save your work.


Tip: Quickly add more values or make edits to Staff Role

Click on the hyperlink Edit these values at the end of the Staff Role picklist to quickly and directly add and/or edit values.

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