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View by Task or Staff Member in Resource Allocation


There are two ways to view your resource allocation data: by task or staff member in your resource allocation editor. The difference is how your data is presented. This article highlights the important aspects of each view.

NOTE: This article assumes that you know how to access and use resource allocation and the resource allocation editor.

Navigate to your allocation editor to use either view. 

View by Task

View by Task shows you all of the tasks associated with a project (in green in the image below) and the staffers assigned to them. For example, we’ve allocated John and Ben to the task “Update Homepage Images.” Easily see how your tasks are progressing in this view.

Let’s walk through some of the details you get from this view by examining our task “Update Homepage Images” (in the image above):

  • Task deadline is revealed by the red vertical line.
  • Due date is in gray near the task name. In our example, the due date is 4-27-18.
  • Number of hours budgeted for this task (200), located next to Due, which is near the task name. The number of hours allocated to the task (80) is visible next to Allocated on the same line. However, if we over allocate hours to a task, this number will be in red (see Allocated in the task “Add Content to Homepage”).
  • Gaps in our planning are evident. We’ve allocated hours to John, but failed to allocate hours to Ben from 2/25 through 3/11. Plus, we haven’t allocated hours to either staffer during the month of April.
  • Total allocated hours by week is shown in the Totals line at the end of each task. (Note: if you allocate budgets by month, then your “totals” will appear as totals by month.)
  • Auto-save, located near the top-right of your editor window, will save your changes automatically.

View by Staff Member

View by Staff Member shows you where your staffers spend their time. It also helps you gauge the capacity for each staffer.

This view lists all of our staffers (in green) and the tasks they’re assigned to. Based on the image above we can get the following details:

  • Number of hours each staffer works per week, which is located next to each staffer’s name. For example, Henry and Jason work 40 hours per week. (Note: if you allocate budgets by month, then staffers’ allocated hours will appear by month.)
  • Total hours each staffer works each week (or month) is shown in the Totals line. This tells us whether we’re over or under allocated hours to staffers. For example, we’ve allocated 20 hours to Henry during the week of 2/25, but he should be working 40 hours each week. So we need to allocate more hours to him.
  • Task deadline is revealed by the red vertical line.

Oftentimes users toggle between the different views, depending on if they need more staff or task-based information.

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