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Toggle Between Weekly and Monthly Allocations


Get the best of both worlds when you toggle between weekly and monthly allocations in resource allocation. This article will explain how to toggle between these two options, and we’ll highlight the benefits of both views.

NOTE: This article assumes you know how to access resource allocation.

Get to Allocations for a specific project and click Edit Allocation, near the bottom-right of your window.

Find Settings on the gray sidebar, and click on the red triangle.

A small picklist will populate and you can select Monthly or Weekly.

A new window will populate, asking you to confirm your decision.

Your resource allocation window will update with the change.

Why Change Views?

Depending on your project, you may find one view better than another.

Weekly allocations mean you’ll allocate budgets by week (see image below). This view provides a more granular look at your business and staffers, for both planning and reporting purposes. It’s ideal for tracking shorter projects, typically less than 12 weeks.

Monthly allocations, on the other hand, mean you’ll allocate budgets by month (see image below). It’s a good option for firms with bigger project teams, and longer durations. Similarly, if you tend to manage your firm month-to-month (eg: assignments are monthly, project metrics are reported monthly, goals are monthly, etc), then the monthly option is more appropriate for your firm.

Despite the view you choose, you can run allocation reports at both levels. Each allocation report has the option of being run either “weekly” or “monthly.”

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