Resource Allocation in BigTime

Sorting Tasks on Allocation View Mirrors the Task Editor View


The tasks you see when you “view by staff member” in the Allocation Editor appear in the same order as they do in the Task Editor.

The consistency is useful to see your allocations in a clear, logical format. Plus, it makes allocating tasks more efficient.

This article will show you how the views in the Task Editor and Allocation Editor are similar when viewing tasks. It’ll also point out how to view tasks by staff member.

Note: This article assumes you know how to access the Task Editor and Allocation Editor.

We have the following tasks in our Task Editor.

Now let’s go into the Allocation Editor and we’ll see the same tasks in the same order.

Once you get to your Allocation Editor, click on View by Staff Member (near the top of your window).

Notice that the task order is the same. The order of these tasks will update if you update the order in the Task Editor. 

Let’s go through an example. 

Back in the Task Editor we moved the Design task from being listed as first to third. 

NOTE: To adjust the task order, click on the double row of dots and drag and drop the task to the desired location. Remember to save your changes.

Now let’s toggle back to the Allocation Editor and you’ll see that the new task order has taken effect.

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