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What is resource allocation? Where can I find it in BigTime? And who uses it? These are some of the questions we get about resource allocation. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, so you can get up and running with this tool quickly.

I have a small company. How will resource allocation help me?

Resource allocation takes the guesswork out of business planning. With this powerful tool, you can anticipate monthly revenue, get summary and detailed reports, and plan for future work.

If you’re juggling multiple projects and clients and have several staffers, then you may benefit from resource allocation. It’ll help you stay organized, plan effectively, and hit deadlines.

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How do I navigate to resource allocation?

Resource allocation is a feature that’s located in your Project Dashboard. Reference this article for a step-by-step explanation.

Who benefits from resource allocation?

Business owners definitely benefit from this tool, since they can easily gauge project performance and staff productivity with real-time dashboard graphics and reports. That means, they can see which staffers are constantly going over budget, anticipate future hiring needs, and determine if time is being spent on the right projects. Plus, they can project and forecast revenue with both fixed fee and hourly revenue projections

Project managers take advantage of easily tracking projects, budgets, and staff utilization. Gone are the days of scrambling to see who’s free to take on a client request or committing to projects that you can’t fulfill.

Employees also win. They’re are engaged because project managers can easily see who’s over and under capacity, and can adjust workloads as needed. Plus, clients are informed. Project managers can easily see a project’s status, and advise clients if changes or challenges arise.

How often should I use resource allocation?

Most users reference this tool on a daily or weekly basis, since it plays a critical role in planning and budgeting purposes. But ultimately it’s up to you how often to use and engage with it. In part, that’s why we offer both weekly and monthly allocations. Weekly allocation offers a more granular look at your business and staffers, whereas monthly allocation is a good option for firms with bigger project teams and longer project durations.

Who can access resource allocation?

Resource allocation is available to Premier users. However, existing Pro users can get a free 14-day trial. To find out more about resource allocation, contact your sales representative or email us at

How do I enter data into resource allocation?

Access the resource allocation editor to enter data. The editor is used to manage current projects and plan for future ones. Use it to assign staffers to tasks and allocate hours to them. And use hotkeys for easy navigation.

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