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Is your staff working the hours you’ve allocated? Find out by viewing actuals in resource allocation. This article explains why and how to use this feature.

Viewing actuals lets you see if your staff is doing the work you’ve assigned. It’s an easy way to get the feedback you need to plan for future work.

Say you’ve allocated 20 hours each week to several staffers for the next three weeks. They’re one week in and you want to see if they’re logging the hours you’ve allocated. Viewing actuals gives you this information. If Joe and CJ logged 30 hours during the first week and Nick logged 10 hours, you may want to increase or decrease your allocations, respectively, for future weeks.

NOTE: This article assumes you know how to access and use resource allocation.

Let’s navigate to viewing actuals and find out how to use it.

Go to Allocations on your Project Dashboard and click Edit Allocation.

Your window will look like this:

On the gray sidebar, check the box next to Show Actual Hours (see image below) to see the actual number of hours your staffers have logged to the project. Actual hours are revealed in a gray box on your Edit Allocations window.

Uncheck the box to return to your allocations (see the gray box under the task “Media Consulting” in the image below).

Let’s take a closer look at the “actuals” for the Media Consulting task. By comparing “actual hours” with “allocated hours” we can see that Sue Jones and John Johns are below their allocated hours. Whereas, Jason Alexander, Jon Smith and Sue Smith are over their allocated hours.

Based on this information, we may reduce the number of hours allocated to Sue Jones, Jon Smith, and John Johns for future weeks, and increase the number of hours allocated to Jason Alexander and Sue Smith.

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