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Show Allocation Totals for Other Projects in Resource Allocation


Use the Resource Allocation editor to see staffer allocation for other projects. That way, you can see if there’s room to allocate more hours to staffers. Read on to learn more.

NOTE: This article assumes you know how to access Resource Allocreation.

Get to the Resource Allocation editor for a specific project. The, follow the steps below.

Click on View by Staff Member, near the top-left of your editor. This will change the view of your editor, so you’ll see a list of your staffers with the tasks they’ve been allocated hours to.

Under each staffer, you’ll see a gray triangle next to totals. Click on this gray triangle.

New data will populate, showing you totals for other projects as well as overall totals. The numbers in red indicate that the staffer is at or over their capacity. However, all of the numbers in green indicate that there’s room to allocate more hours to the staffer.

Also, keep in mind that the number next to your name indicates your allotted capacity (ie: the capacity that’s set on your staff profile).

You can get this information for each of your staffers.

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