Resource Allocation in BigTime

Match the Allocation Period Type of Source Project


You can choose the period type (ie, weekly or monthly) when copying allocations—regardless of your firm’s default. 

Say your firm is allocating resources monthly, but you’d like one project to be allocated weekly. When you copy allocations for this one project, you can choose weekly allocations. We’ll walk through an example below. 

First, let’s get to your resource allocation dashboard.

  1. Click My Company...Project List from your navigation bar.
  2. Select a project.
  3. Click the Tasks tab, and then click Allocations.
  4. Click the Copy button, near the bottom-left of your window.
  5. Check the box next to the phrase, Match allocation period type to incoming allocations

    Here’s what’s happening when you select this box. The project we selected in step 2 (E3 Inc Build Website) has a monthly allocation period type.

    However, we’re copying from a project that has a weekly allocation period type. BigTime recognizes this difference and gives you an option to match the period type. 

    Keep in mind, if your current project and the project you’re copying from has the same period type, you won’t see the option to match allocation period types, since they’re already the same. 

    NOTE: You can always toggle back and forth between weekly and monthly allocations on the Resource Allocation Editor.

  6. Click Save to save your work. 

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