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How to Shift Allocations in Resource Allocation


Easily move allocated staffer hours without re-entering any data. How? By using the “shift” feature in resource allocation. This article will explain how to access and use it.

Before we explain the details of this feature, it’s important to understand when you’d use it. Here’s a common scenario: say you’ve allocated hours to your staffers for each week during the month of February. But the project gets delayed for two months. Use “shift allocations” to free up resources and reallocate these staffer hours to another project.

How to Shift Allocations

To access the shift allocations feature, you need to navigate to Edit Allocations. From your Project Dashboard, click Tasks...Allocations. Then, you’ll see Edit Allocation near the bottom-right of your screen. Click on this button.

NOTE: If you’re new to resource allocation, then see this article for step-by-step instruction.

Your window should look like this:

The Shift feature is near the bottom-right of your window in the resource allocation editor.

Now follow the steps below to shift your allocations:

  1. Click Shift, located near the bottom-right of your window.

    This will cause arrows to appear above each allocation period (see image below).

  2. Click the right-facing triangle to shift allocations to the right. Or click the left-facing triangle and shift allocations to the left. 

    Here’s an example: we clicked the right-facing arrow above “2/25” to move our staffer’s hours from February 25 to March 11 (see image below). 

    Then, we decided to shift our staffer’s time from March 11 to March 4. So we clicked the left-facing arrow above the allocation period (“3/11”) to shift the allocation to the left (see image below).

    NOTE: All allocations for a specific task—on or after the selected allocation period—move when you shift allocations forward or backward. For example, in the image above all staffers’ hours for “Website Updates: Task 1” shift from March 11 to March 4.

  3. Click Update, located near the bottom-right of your window, to update your window when you’re finished making your changes. This will return you to your resource allocation editor window.

    NOTE: If you’re shifting allocations and click Cancel, near the bottom-right of your window, then all modifications will be undone.
  4. Click Save to save your work.

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