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How to Decide Between Weekly and Monthly Allocations?


Which is better: weekly or monthly allocations? This article will help you make that decision, since there are benefits to both. Despite your choice, you can run reports on both the weekly and monthly level, which we’ll also explain.

Weekly allocation offers a more granular look at your business and staffers, for both planning and reporting purposes. It’s ideal for tracking shorter projects, typically less than 12 weeks, and for companies that like to keep a close pulse on staffers, resources, and budgets.

The image below shows you what it looks like to use weekly allocations. Notice that our staffer, Henry, is allocated several hours each week to the “Design Task.”

Monthly allocation is a good option for firms with bigger project teams and longer project durations. Plus, some firms already follow a month-to-month schedule for setting goals, tracking metrics, and delegating assignments, so monthly allocations easily integrates with their workflow.

The image below shows you what it looks like to use monthly allocations.

Ultimately, the decision to use monthly or weekly allocations is firm-dependent. Regardless of your choice, you can access and use allocation features, such as:

  • Shift allocations, which allows you to move allocated staffer hours without re-entering any data.
  • View actuals, which shows you whether or not your staffers are working the hours you’ve allocated to them.
  • View the resource allocation editor by the staff or task-level view, or toggle between them.

You can also run monthly and weekly reports, which we’ll explain next.

Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Run reports at both the weekly and monthly level. We’ve got several pre-built reports to make the process quick and easy.

Navigate to your Report Center (REPORTS...REPORT CENTER).

Then, scroll down in your Report Center window and you’ll see ALLOCATION REPORTS, with several pre-built reports beneath.

The first four reports give you allocation information by week or month. Use these reports to:

  • See your staffers and the projects they’re assigned to,
  • Discover the overall staffer hours for each project, and
  • Find the total number of hours a staffer works each.

These reports are also helpful to see gaps and mistakes in your planning. Perhaps you’ve under-allocated hours to an important task with a looming deadline. Or maybe you forgot to allocate hours to a staffer over the course of several weeks or months.

Plus, we’ve got several general pre-built resource allocation reports. These are the last three reports listed in the image above (Allocation Details (Simple), Allocation Detail by Project, and Allocation Detail by Staffer). These reports provide a high-level view of your staffers’ productivity and project statuses over time.

The point is this: resource allocation, whether by week or month, is a powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of business planning and helps you get the most from your staffers.

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