Resource Allocation in BigTime

Graphs on your Resource Allocation Dashboard


See which staffers are logging the most hours to a project and whether a project is staying on budget with the graphs on your Resource Allocation Dashboard. This article will explain the type of information you can get from these graphs.

NOTE: This article assumes you know how to access and use resource allocation in BigTime.

Visualize Your Resource Allocation Data

Navigate to Allocations (Tasks....Allocations) to access the Resource Allocation Dashboard for a specific project. Your window will look like this:

Get a high-level view of your budgets on this window: hourly budgets for projects and staffers. We’ll explain each graph next.

Project status, on the top-left, shows us how the project is tracking from an hours perspective. The exact numbers associated with the project are listed beneath the graph. 

Actual vs budgeted hours through a specific date are detailed in the middle graph. We budgeted about 800 hours, but our “actual” hours are close to 500.

Key members, on the top-right, shows us the number of hours our staffers have logged to the project. Hover your cursor over the bar in the graph to see the staffer’s name and their hour allocations: budgeted and actual. Based on the image below, we may decide to allocate more hours to Zack McHenry.

Budgeted vs actual over time, located on the bottom of the window, gives you a visual of your budgets by month or week. You can toggle back and forth between the views.

TIP: Easily make edits to resource allocation

Make changes easily by clicking Edit Allocations on the bottom-right corner to return to the resource allocation editor.

Resource allocation gives you a detailed view of a single project. For a macro view for all of your projects, use our resource allocation reports.

Situations When You’d Use Resource Allocation

Here are several real-world situations when you’d use these graphs.

  • Keep your client and yourself informed with how you’re tracking for a particular project. If you’re exceeding your budget, then proactively share this information with your client.
  • Handle client requests with ease. Your client calls with an urgent request that he’d like completed by the end of the week. See if you’ve got the hours available to take on more work. Then, click Edit Allocation to get more granular-level detail about which staffer has the capacity for more work.
  • Know how staffers spend their time. The Key Members graph shows you the staffers logging hours to a project. Hover over the bars in the graph to get precise numbers.

You can also run reports using resource allocation to get even more detailed information at your fingertips.

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