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Whether you use resource allocation for weekly or monthly allocations, you can get reports for both. Fortunately, we’ve got several pre-built reports to make the process quick and easy. This article focuses on monthly allocation reports.

There are two pre-built monthly resource allocation reports: a project and staffer report. We’ll show you how to access these reports and will highlight details you can get from each.

First, navigate to your Report Center (Reports...Report Center).

Then, scroll down in your Report Center window and you’ll see Allocation Reports, with seven pre-built reports beneath.

We’ll explore the allocation by project first.

Allocation by Month/Project

Click the hyperlink: Allocation by Month/Project.

This report is organized by project: see your projects and the staffers assigned to them. Your report will look like this:

Here are some key points based on the report shown above:

  • See your projects with allocated hours and staffers by month. The project name is in all caps and in green font (eg, PUTMAN ASSOCIATES). 
  • Find the total number of staffer hours allocated to each task within a project. For example, we’ve allocated 42 hours for the “audit” task and 30 hours for the “create report” task, both for Putman Associates, for a total of 72 hours (in green) during the month of March.

  • Locate overall totals for all of your projects and tasks at the end of your window.

Now let’s give some meaning to these numbers. Based on this report, you can:

  • See patterns. For example, we’ve added our top engineer, Jason, to too many projects. So we’ll reduce the projects he’s working on by using the resource allocation editor.
  • Notice planning gaps. Every month after April is blank, and that needs to change: we need to plan further in advance. We can easily shift allocations if we need to make updates.

Remember that you can click Edit Report Settings, near the top-left of your window, to change the date of the report.

You can also customize a report to get the specific details you’re after.

Allocation by Month/Staffer

Now let’s run the monthly resource allocation staff report. So navigate back to the Report Center and click Allocation by Week/Staffer.

This report is organized by your staffers: you’ll see your staffers and the projects they’re assigned to. Your window will look like this:

Here are some key points based on the report above:

  • See all of your staffers and the projects they’re assigned to by month. The staffer’s name is in green and their projects are listed beneath each name. The small number next to the staffer’s name indicates the number of projects they’re assigned to. (eg, Jason’s assigned to four projects.)
  • Identify who’s over and under capacity. There’s nothing worse than not using staffers to their potential. Based on our report, Jason is under-capacity for April, May, and June since his capacity is 160 hours (meaning he’ll work 40 hours each week for four weeks each month). We need to allocate more hours to him.
  • Plan for a big project. We could do a much better job at planning ahead. Future planning is a benefit of resource allocation. That way, we’re not in a scramble when new business comes in or changes arise mid-project

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