Set a Default Labor Code on a Project

Limit Labor Codes by Project


You can limit labor codes on timesheets on a per project basis. It’s a simple way to prevent mistakes and save time. 

That’s because limiting labor codes by projects gives you more control: you decide which labor codes staffers can track their time to.

As a result, this can prevent simple mistakes, like staffers selecting the wrong labor code. Likewise, labor codes make it easier for the staffer: there are fewer selections to choose from.

It also saves you time reviewing timesheets. Fewer adjustments are needed, which prevents the cycle of rejecting the timesheet and getting it corrected. 

This article will show you how to limit labor code by project. 

First navigate to a project by clicking My Company...Project List from your navigation bar.

Then, select a project from your Project List.

You’ll default into the Project tab, which is where you want to be. Scroll down in this tab until you see the header, Labor Code List.

NOTE: the header could also read as Category List, depending on your company’s lexicon.

Click on the red triangle under this header, and a picklist will populate. This is where you can select the labor codes for this project. 

Select each code individually. If nothing is selected, then all of the labor codes will be available for staffers to choose from on their timesheets. Then, click Save Changes

The selections you made will populate in the timesheets under the Labor Code or Category header, depending on your lexicon settings.

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