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This article will answer the most frequently asked questions about Rate Cards.

  • What’s the benefit of creating a Rate Card?
    Creating Rate Cards will save you time. This is because you’ll only update rates in one spot -- instead of copying rates from project to project. In other words, create a Rate Card once and easily share it among multiple projects.
  • Where do I create a Rate Card?
    You’ll create a Rate Card on the Rates tab in your Project Dashboard.
  • Why don’t I see the Rate Card I created?
    Using Rate Cards is a two-step process: creating the Rate Card and applying it.

    If you created the card, then you simply need to apply it -- it’s not applied automatically. Instead, the Rate Card you create will be added to a picklist, where you can choose which Rate Card to add.

  • What’s the difference between removing a Rate Card and deleting it?
    Removing a Rate Card means you no longer want to apply a card to a project: that is, you want to remove it from a project, but you want to preserve it so you can use it at another time.

    For example, say we applied the Consulting Rate Card to our MMMedia project. But a day later we decided to create an entirely new card, and no longer want to apply the consulting one.

    So we remove the Consulting Rate Card from our MMMedia project. 

    Importantly, however, the Consulting Rate Card still exists: we can use it at another time and/or for another project. It’s just no longer applied to our current project.

    Deleting a Rate Card, on the other hand, is a permanent action that’ll delete the card altogether.
  • What details can I add to a Rate Card?
    Give your Rate Card a name, and add a staff member or role, categories, and/or a rate.

  • I want to edit a Rate Card, which I’ve applied to multiple projects. Will my changes affect all of the projects that the Rate Card is applied to?
    Yes, there’s a cascade effect when you make changes to a Rate Card: the changes you make will affect all of the projects that the Rate Card is applied to.

    For example, if we update the rates on our Consulting Rate Card, then those rate changes will take effect on all projects that have this card applied.
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